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Society for Popular Astronomy

The Society for Popular Astronomy is a particularly active astronomical society based in the UK. After being a member for several years during my A-levels and undergraduate studies, I jumped at the chance to write for their bi-monthly member’s magazine in 2015. Since then I have been asked to several articles a year for their AstroNews section.

Highlights include:

  • Being asked to write another piece after my first one
  • Writing a piece for features which became the cover story
  • Reviewing books for the magazine

More recently, I have joined the editorial team and will be helping to gather news articles for future magazines.


Astrobites is a daily summary of astrophysical journals written by graduate students in astronomy since 2010. I joined the collaboration in January 2017 and have regularly contributed ever since. Being an astrobiter not only requires writing articles, but I also edit posts written by members of the group.

Highlights from working with Astrobites include:

  • Interviewing several plenary speakers for AAS230 and AAS231
  • Having a post exceed 500 views (next goal = 1,000)
  • A few of my articles being translated into Spanish for Astrobitos

My articles are available here.



  • Shooting for the far side of the Moon, AstroNews, Society of Popular Astronomy (TBC 2019)
  • Universal Life, Book reviews, BBC Sky at Night (TBC 2019)
  • Roses are red, (some) asteroids are blue, AstroNews, Society of Popular Astronomy (January – February 2019)




  • Repeating bursts of radio waves from Mysterious object, AstroNews, Society of Popular Astronomy (May-June 2016)
  • ‘Pulse’ detected in distant galaxy, AstroNews, Society of Popular Astronomy (March-April 2016)


  • HIP 11915b – Jupiter’s new twin, AstroNews, Society of Popular Astronomy (November-December 2015)