Goodbye, 2020.

2020 is finally over! It what feels like the longest March in history, we have somehow made it to the next year. There isn’t much to celebrate really. Between Brexit and COVID-19, it has truly been a terrible year and we’ve still got a lot to endure before things improve. However, there are still a few good things to mention including: (1) I got my dream postdoc, (2) I submitted my thesis and (3) I published my first, first-author paper.

A snapshot of a conversation I had on NYE 2019. My sincere apologies to 2019 – you weren’t so bad. The conversation is ‘any last thoughts for 2019?’ ‘none of great importance. You?’ ‘Good riddance? 😂’ ‘hahahaha well, let’s hope 2020 is better 😊’

I’ve definitely got some big plans for 2021 which mostly revolve around leaving the UK and moving to the USA. If I can get a visa. So, here’s to 2021 – please be better!

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