About me

Looking through an inner shield of a big fridge (cryostat) – April 2018

Currently, I am a final-year postgraduate researcher based in the Astronomy Instrumentation Group at Cardiff University working towards the “Development of Multi-Chroic Kinetic Inductance Detector Pixels”. I originally moved to Cardiff in 2012 to obtain an MPhys in Astrophysics. Alongside my PhD, I am an Astrobites author and regularly contribute to the Society for Popular Astronomy bi-monthly magazine, where I am now the editor for the Astronews section. I also enjoy participating in outreach and giving talks to the public.

Presently, I’m on track to submit my thesis in 2020. My CV is available here.

E-mail : amber.hornsby at astro.cf.ac.uk

Header image credit: NASA Goddard/Axel Mellinger, Central Michigan Univ.