About me

Looking through an inner shield of a big fridge (cryostat) – April 2018

Currently, I am a final-year postgraduate researcher based in the Astronomy Instrumentation Group at Cardiff University working towards the “Development of Multi-Chroic Kinetic Inductance Detector Pixels”. I originally moved to Cardiff in 2012 to obtain an MPhys in Astrophysics. Alongside my PhD, I am an Astrobites author and regularly contribute to the Society for Popular Astronomy bi-monthly magazine, where I am now the editor for the Astronews section. I also enjoy participating in outreach and giving talks to the public.

As of November 2020, my thesis has been submitted and my viva has been scheduled for February 2021. My CV is available here.

E-mail : amber.hornsby at astro.cf.ac.uk

Header image credit: NASA Goddard/Axel Mellinger, Central Michigan Univ.